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November 13th 2007 - Cleaned up the site quite a bit
Update to Legacy of Kain hopefully coming soon
September 27th 2006 - Added CPU slowdown program on the legacy of kain page
You need this if kain freezes up after the bar man scene!
September 26th 2006 - Updated The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour patches
They should work much better now and be easier to use
August 22nd 2005 - Fixed the messed up tables on the Legacy of Kain and Mortal Kombat pages.
july 7th 2005 - Still haven't fixed the broken tables on some of the game pages but I added 5 more fixes.
Also, I brought back the movies section after a year hiatus [ this time nice and legal ;-) ]
May 26th 2005 - Updated Terror T.R.A.X: Track of the Vampire to version 1.2
April 1st 2005 - Added page and fix for Terror T.R.A.X: Track of the Vampire.
March 29th 2005 - Simplified the page a bit, added this section, and added links for 7th Guest and 11th Hour fixes.

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